On June 01, Sina reported that Shanghai’s Putuo District has set up a nucleic acid testing station at a small parking lot on No. 287 Ningxia Road, Changfeng Street. 

Many of the surrounding communities’ residents and social migrants have gathered at the point for sampling, resulting in an overload of testing demand. 

In the evening, the local officials had informed the residents not to queue up anymore because the number of people had exceeded the prepared testing tubes. Notably, these people waited in line for more than two hours.

In response to the announcement, a man has expressed his dissatisfaction by throwing the roadblock at the testing site, overturning the table. Collected nucleic acid samples scattered on the ground. 

The man was later transferred to the police station and received the punishment for triggering quarrels and trouble.

On the afternoon of June 03, the incident appeared on Baidu’s hot search, attracting a large number of netizens’ searches and views. Many people expressed their sympathy for the man and even praised him. 

Many recounted their own experiences regarding the frequent nucleic acid testing.

One shared that he was also outraged. He had queued up for two hours before the staff informed residents like him to leave.

One said that he has spent a day-long at work and has to wait for nucleic acid testing at night. Therefore, he might not be able to line up, adding that too much pressure could result in excessive behavior. 

Another netizen said: As long as you have experienced waiting for nucleic acid for more than 1 hour, you will understand the kind of anxiety and irritability.

One stated: Waiting for a few hours, and finally told you that you can’t do it. You have to go to work for 72 hours, and you will be tortured to the point of insanity!

At the same time, some criticize the local authorities for not preparing enough testing tubes. They said that the authorities’ ill-preparation has made several residents wait in vain.  

One further expressed their outrage by asking if it’s because residents provoke quarrels and trouble or these officials force the people to rebel.

These are just some among several complaints residents make as they undergo the tiring acid nucleic testing procedure. 

Under China’s strict epidemic-control measures, nucleic acid testing has become a must in several cities, such as Shenzhen, Xi’an, and Beijing. 

Residents have to present a negative nucleic acid testing result within 72 hours to enter schools, office buildings, to take any means of public transportation, or even to see the doctor. 

Shanghai has also announced that normalized nucleic acid testing would no longer be free after June. 

Furthermore, in Siping (四平 Sìpíng) City, Jilin (吉林 Jílín) Province, those who failed to do testing more than two times would be subject to 10-day detention and a fine of 500 yuan (around 75 dollars). The punishment would be carried out from June 2. 

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