According to Reuters, as Shanghai residents angrily blamed the government for the lack of food and medical treatment, the city’s authorities promised that they would ease supply bottlenecks affecting food availability.

Shanghai is battling to contain its worst outbreak after the city’s COVID cases hit a new high. Under the zero-COVID strategy, most of its 25 million people are confined to their homes and are struggling to get enough food supplies to sustain themselves for an unknown length of time.

Many residents said that they do not have enough food or that delivery is inadequate, even though the government distributes food.

Food supplies and other commodities are in limited supply as a result of the city’s continual shutdown and locked-down residents. Authorities have attempted to comfort citizens by informing them that this is due to covid affecting the supply.

Shanghai’s streets become desolate as the government adopts a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy that allows only healthcare workers, volunteers, delivery services personnel, or those with special permission to move freely.

As Reuters reported on April 10, Wang Wenbo, a vice president at e-commerce giant, said at a press conference in Shanghai that the firm is focusing on essential foodstuffs and baby care goods. Xiao Shuixian, senior vice president at Alibaba Group’s said the company hired 2,800 more delivery personnel last week.

Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported 914 new COVID confirmed local cases and 25,173 asymptomatic infections on April 11.

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