It is reported that some bank ATMs in Shanghai restricted deposit and withdrawal services. The ATMs of many banks in Shanghai, China, have recently limited ATMs functions to deposit-only or withdrawal-only. The reason given is that it’s for the sake of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention. In addition to measures such as interviews, the People’s Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai was about to investigate the ATMs’ operation thoroughly.

According to Chinese media Daily Economic News, there were three ATMs available for use in an ATM branch of China Merchants Bank. However, notices saying “deposits only” are stuck outside the door of two of the three ATMs. The other one had a notice saying “withdrawals only.”

In this regard, the bank also attached an explanation below these papers, saying it was “to implement the requirements for cash disinfection.”

The same situation is observed in some ATM branches of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Industrial Bank. Notices with the words “deposits only” or “withdrawals only” were also seen outside the doors of these ATMs. According to the reporter, one of the ATM’s screens displays that the machine does not support the withdrawal function. If you need to withdraw money, please go to other ATMs or the [bank] counter for processing.

In response, the staff of the above-mentioned bank explained that cash needed to be disinfected during the epidemic.

The bank staff said to the reporter that they entrust a third-party firm to come twice a week to disinfect the deposited money and then return it back and put it in the ATM after disinfection. 

Additionally, the bank said the twice-weekly cash disinfection schedule has little impact on citizens’ everyday deposits and withdrawals.

On July 17, a citizen named Tian from Baoshan District told media News QQ that she failed to withdraw money at an ATM of Agricultural Bank of China Baoshan Yuepu. The paper outside the ATMs read: Maintenance, please wait. 

Then she had to get a number and queue under the sun to enter the bank to withdraw cash. Many Shanghai residents are also experiencing the same distress as Tian.

Last month, since the lockdown was lifted, banks in Shanghai have faced a peak demand for cash.

A video circulating online shows a man outside the Shanghai CITIC Bank. The video owner said that people couldn’t use ATMs to deposit money because the bank stated the money was infected. He sighed and blamed the bank for such an issue. [Video 0:00- 0:14]

Failing to withdraw money at the ATM, they tried another way- go straight to the bank. However, some Shanghai netizens complain that it takes an hour to wait in a queue in front of the bank. In addition, a bank allows only six people to enter at a time. [ Video 0:42- 1:33]

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