During the lockdown in Shanghai, the Chinese national anthem The Internationale captured the limelight among residents.

Its lyrics have been used to implicitly criticize the government’s COVID-zero policy. And for this very reason, Shanghai police were dispatched to a household to question them for playing the song.

According to the video shared by mainland users on May 5, the officers in protective clothes asked the man to come with them to the police station.

They repeatedly told his wife that the man is under investigation for playing the Internationale.

The video was widely shared on Chinese social media before internet regulators took it down, including related discussions.

The Internationale is originally a song of the international communist movement. It used to be a hit song promoted by the government before the lockdown. The early Chinese leader, Qu Qiubai, translated it into Chinese and played it at China’s important events.

But as the lockdown is imposed in Shanghai, it became a rebellious song for residents. The first line of the song reads “Stand up! Those people who refuse to be slaves!”

Citizens can also be heard singing The Internationale at night from their buildings.

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