An explosion occurred at the ethylene glycol plant area of the Shanghai Petrochemical Department at around 4 am on June 18

A loud noise woke up nearby residents. Officials confirmed that one was dead and one injured.

A video showing a delivery man shouting to evacuate the crowd of onlookers has drawn attraction from many netizens.

He shouts, 

“Get out of here! Get out of here! Take your family and get out of here! …”

According to the mainland media, his name is Yu Jie, 35. He is a native of Jinshan, Shanghai. He is working as a full-time delivery rider for Meituan.

In an interview, he recalled sleeping when he heard a loud noise. He thought it was thunder at first. Then he heard two other loud noises and felt the building’s vibration.

The delivery man quickly pulled open the window to check what was happening. He saw a blazing fire not far away with thick columns of black smoke.

The man then rushed out on his bike. It took him about 3 or 4 minutes to arrive at the Ximen New Bridge, about a mile from his house.

He saw nearly a hundred people standing on the bridge, watching the fire in the distance.

The delivery man shouted to disperse the crowd on the bridge deck. He was aware of the potential risks of secondary damage because he majored in chemical technology and engineering. He noticed that the bridge deck was only a mile from the factory area. Moreover, the bridge deck was an open area without shelter.

Yu Jie said in the interview that what he did was nothing special. If others know the danger, they will do the same.

Yu Jie used to work in a chemical company and hotel industry. He also worked as a vice president of a private business. 

When asked why he switched to the delivery job, he replied that being a delivery man, he could go to different places every day and come into contact with many things. He found this experience very interesting.

Many Chinese netizens compliment the delivery man’s act. One left a message, “You are a hero of Shanghai!”

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