According to Apollo News, netizens reported that the Shanghai authorities ordered China Communist Party (CCP) members and cadres to “take the lead in donating money” to the fight against the epidemic. Even ordinary citizens were also forced to donate.

A few days ago, netizens shared a notice from the Shanghai authorities asking CCP members and cadres to donate money. A hot topic for discussion among netizens was that “Shanghai is running out of money.”

After that, many Shanghai netizens complained about being forced to donate. One netizen said, “Every Shanghai resident is forced to donate 100 yuan.”

There are also local netizens who have posted notices of donations from various institutions and units, telling their experiences of being forced to donate using a different name.

Netizens have complained that many people lost their income after Shanghai was closed for more than two months. Ironically, people were forced to donate instead of waiting for the government to issue subsidies.

Some citizens were angry and slammed officials, complaining that during the city’s lockdown, Shanghai officials were busy embezzling supplies and selling high-priced vegetables. And now they even ask people to donate.

In response to netizens’ criticism, authorities deleted posts on Weibo related to the keyword phrase “compulsory donations from Shanghai.” 

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