Because the economic center of Shanghai was locked down large shopping centers to appear chaotic and thousands of people broke through the barriers and fled.

On a street in the Sanya tourist area with no one on the streets, a lone white horse runs on a road, looking very poetic. (starts at 0:15-0:21)

According to Jiupai Health, from the official data of the Chinese Communist Party, Hainan Province has become a heavily affected area of ​​the pandemic. Since August 1, there have been nearly 5,000 new confirmed infections, with 2,257 people asymptomatic. On Friday, August 12, Dongfang City and Chengmai District announced that the closures and controls will be extended for about a week, affecting about 900,000 residents. Other areas have also been locked down but have not announced when they will be lifted, according to Aboluowang. (from 0:20s)

Residents forced into quarantine said in a video (0:42s): “Is this what humans do? Do you treat us like pigs, like animals? Going to the toilet like that (Do you use the toilet on the bus)?”

In a tourist city of Lhasa, Tibet, the government announce that it will conduct disinfection for three days and nucleic acid tests on Friday, asking people not to set foot out of the house, this is a variant of lockdown. (video, 0:56s)

Tourist from Lhasa, Tibet: “It’s Two o’clock in the morning. We’ve been here since 8pm yesterday and we’re still queuing for nucleic acid testing, but it’s not our turn yet. ” (video, 1p:07)

In addition, in many provinces such as Jiangxi and Xinjiang, there are also some cities that have a small number positive cases, but they have also been closed and controlled by the CCP. Under the zero COVID policy not only the tourism industry was again affected, the vitality of the economic center was severely damaged. (video 1p:16s)

At Fisherman’s Wharf shopping mall in Pudong District, Shanghai, because a local resident had an abnormal nucleic acid test result on August 12, authorities erected a barricade and prepared to lock down the area. Surprised, the crowd panicked and ran away. (video, 1p:30s)

A resident in Yiwu, Zhejiang recorded a video saying that strict surveillance measures prevent people from leaving their residences: “There are two, an alarm above, and a camera here.” (video, 1p:53s)

A resident in Yiwu, Zhejiang said: “This is Yiwu. It’s 1:11 am now, but (they) still drag people to quarantine. I haven’t been able to rest.” (video, 2p:00s)

While the people of Shanghai have entered a difficult time because of the lockdown, Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province, known as the “wholesale capital of the world,” is still in a state of lockdown. As for the key technology town of Shenzhen, which confirmed one case on August 12, the area was immediately zoned as high risk and put under control. (video, 2p:09s)

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