Shanghai is reopening after nearly two months of contending with the lockdown. Several lines of the Shanghai Metro have reopened on May 20.

Many people attempted to go home, but they could not use public transport without the nucleic acid test results.

On May 21, people stood crying at a bus stop in Shanghai, they wanted to go home to harvest wheat, but they couldn’t take the train because their nucleic acid test results didn’t come up on time.

Wang Hongqing and six others in the video are from Henan. He told the interviewer that they came to Shanghai to work as construction workers in March but were stranded on the job due to the pandemic.

Wang said after learning that the Shanghai subway was back in operation, he and everyone had walked for 3 hours on the 20th to get to the bus stop.

They planned to leave at 12:15 p.m. on the 21st, but the nucleic acid test results at 9 a.m. on the 20th were delayed. The river bus is the only way to go to the metro station, and it only accepts passengers with a 48-hour nucleic acid certification.

When a woman in the group realized she was likely to miss the car, she broke down helplessly in tears. At that point, her spouse was there to support her. Wang said, when they think about wheat waiting to be harvested at home, they all cry.

The tearful interview has received much sympathy from netizens. Most of them said that the test results are usually available after 8 hours, but it is the opposite. One person also commented that they took the test at 9 a.m., like Wang’s group, but there was no result by noon the following day.

One netizen analyzed that you will not be allowed to return once you leave the construction site. In addition, train tickets are hard to get, and if you can purchase them, it is not certain that you will receive test results before the train departs.

They will have to be isolated even if they can return for a few days. Everyone should take it easy, stay calm, and avoid becoming depressed.

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