Shanghai residents face many difficulties as the city has been on strict lockdown. Lack of food is the main complaint. However, lately, social media has been flooded with video clips showing grassroots officials stockpiling supplies which were supposed to relieve the ‘famine.’

A few days ago, the residents of the second village of Sitang in Baoshan District discovered that the officials of the residential area were hoarding supplies, such as rice, fruits, vegetables, milk and beverages.

Another video shows that the outraged residents of Sitang No. 2 village rushed to the Neighborhood Committee as they discovered that massive amounts of supplies were being hoarded secretly and not distributed to the hungry neighbors. A woman said that many vegetables are rotten while they haven’t anything to eat; she doesn’t understand what the community officials are doing.

Following this situation, the third Neighborhood Committee of Sitang No. 4 village in Shanghai’s Baoshan District intended to destroy the evidence urgently. As can be seen in several videos posted on Twitter, they put things in black garbage bags and prepare to transport them out of the community by small trucks.

The resident who followed and discovered the incident angrily opened the black bags, filmed everything, and denounced the local authorities.

Before that, residents found aid signs or even government-issued labels in the food they bought, and some packages included “warm messages.” Netizens infer community authorities could be selling what has been sent for relief.

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