The COVID-19 pandemic in Shanghai, is becoming tense again, about 25,000 people were coded red overnight. Residents reported on the internet that residential areas were locked down, people were forced to quarantine at home again, making them bang pots and pans in protest. Quarantine convoys appeared everywhere.

On October 16, Zaiye shuo posted a video on YouTube with the content: “Shanghai residents are angry, banging pots and protesting the ‘zero-COVID’ policy. A residential area has suddenly been locked down. A resident angrily said, “You are also in close contact, then you must be sent to quarantine.”

In the video, a lot of residents standing at their windows were banging and knocking sounds to protest the lockdown. Some residents were arguing with a government official.

“Everywhere in Shanghai, you can see people from different places being taken to quarantine,” said a Shanghai resident.

A woman said, “The residential area’s corridor has been fenced, now I’m still outside, I don’t know whether I should enter.” In another video, a woman can’t go home either, saying in despair, “The residential area was closed after I went out!”

Shanghai’s business district and shopping area are also in a gloomy state, with no customers. Many shops were forced to close.

Vision Times quoted some Shanghai residents.

One said, “Sacrificing people’s livelihoods! Sacrificing the economy! Finally, officials force people to rebel!”

Another frustrated resident said, “The lockdown is a sign of (officials’) loyalty to the central government.”

Shanghai high school students have been tricked and sent to quarantine, parents are ready to fight the police

On October 17, the Twitter account World News – Essence Edition retweeted information from a Weibo user saying that at Cambridge Baoshan Shangshi Middle School, Shanghai, after two teachers had positive PCR results, all students were sent to quarantine and parents were not allowed to take them home. More than 30 buses and many policemen arrived at the scene. When parents asked where the children would be quarantined, they wouldn’t answer, until the parents pushed them. They were told that their children had been taken to the Chongming Hotel.

But after the parents arrived at the place, they found out that it wasn’t a hotel, but a quarantine area built out of containers. Knowing they had been deceived, they argued with police. The police asked parents to show identification but they were not afraid and said they would be quarantined with the police, making the police speechless.

At midnight, the children refused to cooperate, they were all minors. Some parents said that either the police let them take their children home, or send them back to school, otherwise they were ready to fight with the police. In the end, the children were sent back to school for quarantine. 

Twitter account @TragedyInChina on October 15 posted information saying, “Shanghai pandemic workers still haven’t learned their lesson from the ‘Guizhou students being pulled on a bus to quarantine at midnight.” The bus carrying students to quarantine at midnight overturned, killing 27 people.

About Shanghai 25,000 people were coded red overnight

Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) reported that in a large shopping mall in the Minhang district, Shanghai, many COVID-19 cases were detected at a pub, and the pandemic department immediately traced the people involved. They were given a red code with travel restrictions. Red-coded citizens cannot use the subway, cannot book a car online, cannot go to work or school, and must quarantine at home for 7 days. Shanghai continues to have new daily COVID-19 cases. Twenty-eight new positive cases were detected on October 10, 38 new cases on the 11th, 47 new cases on the 12th, 47 new cases on the 13th, 42 new cases on the 14th, 28 new cases on the 15th, and 32 new cases on the 16th. A total of 262 new cases were reported in Shanghai for 7 consecutive days, involving at least 10 counties. However, official public data is always suspect by the outside world.

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