The level of censorship and control never ceases to amaze Chinese citizens themselves, who are fed up with the situation. 

On December 7, netizens posted a video of an elderly woman questioned by police at her home in Shanghai for sharing news supposedly “fake.” 

Twitter user @jakobsonradical retweeted the video, saying, “…The old lady angrily scolded the white guard, every sentence she said is righteous and badass!”. The retweeted video has received over 2k likes and over 700 retweets.

The officer in the white protective hazmat suit asked the older lady if she knew the information she shared was accurate and if she confirmed it with the person in the video.

She asked the officer if he believed in the zero COVID policy. The officer replied that he did, and the old woman fired back, “That’s true, (but) I trust others…I don’t need to verify the content. The facts sent out by others are like your belief in zero COVID… Can you believe that COVID could be ZERO, you have a brain or not; you know it yourself!”

The male police officer couldn’t say anything but threatened by saying Article 9 of the CCP’s Epidemic Prevention Circular stipulates that those who fabricate and deliberately spread false information related to the pandemic shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities. “Please check the content carefully before posting.”

The old lady replied sharply, “Why? You are breaking the law! You break the law and use jail to intimidate the citizens… I’m (ready to) go to jail.”

Some mainland netizens commented,

“Since it is determined that it is an illegal video, why not deal with the person who made and posted the video? It’s a big joke to come to the door to intimidate the old lady who forwarded that video and to ask the forwarder to check the authenticity of the video with the producer!”;

“No need to go to jail. We are already in prison.”;

“Organized, logical, righteous words, face it bravely!”;

“If you don’t catch falsehoods, you mainly catch those who tell the truth.”

A Shanghai citizen even expressed being proud of having the old lady as their Chinese citizen.

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