According to CNN, Shanghai officials stated that the pandemic situation was under effective control on May 16. Shanghai Deputy Mayor, Zong Ming, declared that regulators would ease restrictions and allow activities back in the city soon.

The announcement has sparked unexpected from Chinese netizens. One wrote on the official Weibo account of China’s National Anti-Fraud Center, “Please go after the Shanghai government and let them shut up. They lie with their eyes wide open every day, enough is enough.”

Another user on Weibo replied, “You can fool me, but please don’t do it too many times.”

CNN said this comment has widely circulated on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform.

On another account, the Chinese regime’s mouthpiece, People’s Daily, claimed that Shanghai had been back to normal on the same day. The article includes some photos of reopened restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

One resident on social media commented, “Although I’m not allowed to go out in Shanghai, I can feel a real sense of warmth from your fake news. Thank you People’s Daily!”

Many others have also turned down the People’s Daily statements. One asked if that was Shanghai in a parallel world. Others said the state media was spreading rumors. He said it’s not the Shanghai he’s living in right now.

Many Shanghai residents are trying to flee from the draconian lockdown despite the government’s assurance. Xin Tang Ren media reported that on May 15, many a large way of people rushed to Hongqiao Railway Station to escape Shanghai.

One resident told the news outlet, that he had no tissue paper at home, no eggs, and no vegetables. His family must eat instant noodles, while the officials at the neighborhood committee eat Swiss rolls.

According to CNN, the Shanghai government repeatedly denied the city would go into lockdown back in March. Police arrested two people for allegedly spreading rumors that Shanghai would go into lockdown. But soon after that, the city was blocked, and it has lasted until now.

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