After the video of a scuffle between residents of Jinsheng Community in Zhuanqiao town, Minhang district, and government employees went viral. Minhang Today’s official Weibo, on May 8, posted a notice confirming the incident. The notice added that police were sent to arrest these residents.

The notice from the Minhang District Information Office in Shanghai states that some people in Jinsheng Community insulted and provoked the epidemic prevention staff on the grounds of begging for supplies.

The report also said that the police would apply criminal coercive measures against the leaders of this incident. The police will also conduct further investigation.

Due to Shanghai having been blocked and controlled for a long time, people have become increasingly discontent. In the past few days, netizens have shared many videos of Shanghai residents fighting against the regime’s employees.

A video shared on the Internet on May 7 shows that there was a scuffle between people in Zhuanqiao, Shanghai, and regime’s employees.

In the video, a group of the epidemic prevention staff in white hazmat suits pressed a male resident to the ground. The incident took place outside the door of a building.

Residents inside the building then opposed this action. They rushed to rescue the suppressed resident. These staff then tried to block the door but failed.

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