Yang Hai is a Minhang District People’s Congress representative. On April 15, he publicly boycotted the state’s mass testing plan. Yang Hai wrote that since March 13, all residents of the Pingyang Liucun community had undergone 13 nucleic acid tests and nine antigen tests. He noticed that the more they were tested, the greater number of infections.

He also wrote that many residents believed cross-contamination was due to frequent testing, but the authorities did not care.

Yang Hai said that the test result was not transparent and accurate, adding that positive infected people were not evacuated in time. They did not receive any professional disinfection.

He mentioned that the residents felt caught in a capricious, stubborn, reckless whirlpool. Such a situation raised questions about the need for such a strict prevention measure.

Amid growing concerns and opposition from residents, the representative called on the government to not let the residents repeatedly endure such unexplained tossing and turning.

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