China remains committed to its “zero-COVID” policy even though its measures damage the country’s economy and cause public grievance. Sudden lockdowns frequently happen. Other overzealous reactions are also imposed in a handful of cases.

A recent video shows that a man in Shanghai received a call at 1 a.m. on October 11. The COVID staff said someone in the man’s company tested positive for COVID. Therefore, the man would be transferred to a hotel for 7-day quarantine.

The man had no idea. He said he recently didn’t go to work because he was busy caring for his sick mother at home. He asked why he must go to quarantine.

(I don’t go to work, why do I have to go to quarantine?)

(This is determined by the district, not by us)

(What should I do?)

(What about my wife?)

(The sub close contact should be quarantine at home)

( …..)

(How many days for the second close contact to quarantine at home?)

(7 days home quarantine)

(Quarantine at home)

(Quarantine at home?) 

(So I will be alone in the hotel)

(That’s right)

The man then confirmed that he didn’t go to work one more time. Finally, he asked if he needed to go into hotel quarantine for seven days.

The COVID staff then refused to be held accountable for the decision, saying that the district determined this. Instead, they told him to call the authority hotline if he had any questions.

At the end of the video, the man reluctantly got up in the middle of the night to pack his luggage, causing great amusement for his wife. 

Xinjiang man quarantined alone over 60 days: afraid of forgetting the language

Up to now, the pandemic situation in Xinjiang is still severe. Trains and buses in and out of the region have been suspended. 

0:14 I am afraid of forgetting the language

0:16 So I’m going to practice speaking here

0:19 You see, what I’m saying is still standard?

In the video, the man compared his friend’s hearty chicken lunch and the lunch he was offered during the quarantine period. What he had was boiled cabbage or something like that.

After continuous quarantine, the girl is completely devastated: ‘I just came back from quarantine’

On October 9, a video uploaded on Weibo shows that a girl in a quarantine site cried and protested hysterically to the COVID staff. She expressed anger for  being under continuous quarantine.

(I have been in quarantine for half a year)

(I’ve been in quarantine site from mid-March up to present)

(I was quarantined here again when I came back from summer vacation, there is always quarantine when I come)

(COVID staff: We have been in quarantine, it’s the same)

(I’ve always been being sent [to quarantine sites])

(I just came back! I just came back from quarantine!)

(COVID staff: I know, I know, I can understand your mood.)

The COVID staff tried to calm the girl, but she couldn’t help but scream and cry.

The video aroused widespread attention on Chinese social media.

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