Complaints from residents about Shanghai’s battle with Omicron were inundating enough to challenge what is known as one of the world’s most robust censorship system. Then, there is a group of people living in the city who suffer, but their voices are often less heard- the migrant workers.

On May 27, Reuters reported the story of a rural migrant employee whose name was Sun Wu. He was only 22 years old and worked at a French restaurant before Shanghai plunged into an abrupt lockdown in late March.

During the lockdown, Sun made around 38 dollars per day by sorting government shipments for citizens. Following pandemic protocols, he moved to the warehouse where he worked from a dormitory.

When his girlfriend fell ill, he rushed her to the hospital and remained there to tend to her until May 6. Then, he suddenly became homeless. Sun’s warehouse declined to accept him because of COVID rules. His dorm also rejected him because it didn’t have the facility required to quarantine him.

Sun later set up a tent and lived there. He told Reuters he was only one among hundreds of other homeless migrant workers.

Sure enough, footage of a migrant in Shanghai being evicted from home appeared on the internet. Their landlords rejected them because they didn’t have any money to continue to afford their rent.


According to the person who re-uploaded the footage on Youtube, this incident occurred in Shanghai’s Minhang 闵行 District.

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