Shanghai has been blocked and brutally controlled for a long time, and people have become increasingly discontent. In the past few days, netizens have shared many videos of Shanghai residents fighting against the regime employees.

A video shared on the Internet on May 7 shows people in Zhuanqiao, Shanghai, attacking regime employees.

The first scene in the video shows a group of employees dressed in white pressing a male resident to the ground outside the door of a building.

Residents inside the building vehemently opposed this action, rushing to rescue the suppressed resident as officials tried to block the door but failed.

A video from another angle shows many residents rushing out of the building and attacking government employees. People in white shirts ran away one by one.

Another video shows one man in a white shirt being chased and beaten by a group of residents.

According to local netizens, the incident happened in Jinsheng residential area, Zhuanqiao town, Minhang district.

Before this incident, residents of the building had gathered upstairs to protest the draconian anti-epidemic blockade, shouting and demanding food supplies.

Two government employees went upstairs and provoked two young residents. After a dispute broke out, these staff members called more than a dozen people to drag the two children to the ground and beat them.

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