On behalf of the European Union member states, the Consulate General of France in Shanghai recently sent a letter to the Shanghai Municipal Government on March 31, listing six requirements to draw attention to. The letter was also published on social media Weibo and Twitter.

After a strict lockdown was implemented in Shanghai as of March 28, the expatriate community has informed the E.U. countries of the difficulties caused by the closure measures.

The letter expressed particular concern about separating children from their parents. Other requests include medical care, self-management at home, and access to international flights.

First, the letter asks for parents and children not to be separated under any circumstance.

Second, it would be desirable for asymptomatic or mildly infected persons to have a dedicated isolation environment with staff who can communicate in English.

Third, persons exposed to cases but not infected should not be sent to a centralized isolation site but should be allowed to manage their health at home.

Fourth, during containment, E.U. citizens must have timely and effective access to emergency medical assistance when they need it.

Fifth—though there are restrictions for booked flights—it would be appreciated if E.U. citizens and their families could access Shanghai’s two main international airports with proof of international flight bookings, regardless of whether their residence is locked.

Sixth, the E.U. requested a solution to enable regular feeding of pets in the homes of people who have been centrally separated.

The letter was sent by the Consulate General of France on behalf of the Consulates General of Norway and Switzerland in Shanghai and the Member States of the European Union (14 countries) jointly to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

The letter does not give specific details of the problems encountered by E.U. residents in Shanghai during the outbreak.

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