To make sure the 20th National Congress could run smoothly, Chinese local governments keep working on “zero Covid measure.” The tragedy that shut down the city in April is happening again in Shanghai.A recent viral video showed an elderly woman kneeling, crying, and begging the neighborhood committee to let her see a doctor.

The elderly woman said her legs and feet were so swollen that she could not urinate. She said as she showed the personnel inside the iron door the registration information on her cell phone. 

She told the personnel, “you see the feet and legs are swollen. I can’t urinate.”

She continued, “ I had an appointment with the specialist outpatient clinic and did not come to see a doctor.”

A few observers tried to help the elderly but could not. A man said, “To protect the bird’s gauze cap, regardless of the people’s lives.”

The woman knelt and said, “I kneel to beg you.”

The man standing next to her asked the committee personnel inside the door, “will your lockdown cause people to become ill and end up dead?”

She started crying and said, “I beg you.” “Boohoo, I’m about to get sick, and I’m on my knees to beg you.”

On September 13, the ‘night 1’ account on the QQ platform posted an article about a Shanghai resident nicknamed ‘Xiaoyu’. One of Xiaoyu’s dead family members still had an updated nucleic acid test sheet on September 7.

Xiaoyu said that one of the elderly in his family passed away on August 3 in the Central Hospital in Shanghai’s Yangpu District. However, the dead man’s nucleic acid code was still being updated, which shocked Xiaoyu’s family. He said, “It is so irresponsible. Where did you make the nucleic acid?”
According to the Shanghai Rumor Refuting Platform, the relevant nucleic acid samples came from an orphanage in Yangpu. The samples were mistaken because there were two elderly people with the same name, one of whom passed away.

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