A Shanghainese Liu Qing has just revealed a different lockdown control picture in a famous residential area where many Chinese political and business celebrities live.

“It’s never been closed here. I live near Kangping Road, Gaogan District, Shanghai, home of all the high officials.” 

Han Zheng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, is responsible for the district being exempt from the lockdown and control. This powerful man is known for having a close relationship with Jiang Zemin’s family, and his influence in Shanghai was deeply rooted. According to Liu Qing, an old cadre who promoted Han Zheng, stopped authorities from putting the banning seal on residents’ doors, citing he would call Beijing for an exception.

This disclosure got immediate attention amid Shanghai being in lockdown for more than two months, causing public grievances. Kangping Road is the office of the municipal party committee, it is particularly heavily guarded, and on some sections of the road, people are prohibited from taking pictures. In the hearts of Shanghai people, this is the real core of Shanghai, the “Health Office” of Shanghai, or “Shanghai Zhongnanhai.” 

Being home to many wealthy and influential residents, the area was not subjected to the strict controls of zero-Covid measurements. People believe the authorities treat them unequally based on their class background, such as foreigners, foreigner related, and red background. Zhu, a Shanghainese, said, “If an epidemic is found in a high-end community or what measures need to be taken, it is completely different from the treatment in some places with low living standards in Zhabei and Yangpu.”  

People were outraged at Shanghai’s bureaucratic system for creating chaos in the city. They blamed Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, called him a “Shameless politician who ruined Shanghai,” and that he should admit his mistake and resign. 

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