In a private consulate message group’s posts on WeChat, a US consulate staff in Shanghai on Tuesday, April 5, appealed to colleagues to provide them with some food.
The US Marines ran out of fresh food because of a strict coronavirus lockdown from authorities.
Reuter reported that the staff said in the message that the marines only had vacuum-sealed rations left.
The employee told coworkers in Shanghai, “Marines have depleted their food and can no longer get delivery.”
The US consulate in Shanghai said in a statement, “We are actively working with and assisting our citizens experiencing disruptions related to recent COVID-19 outbreaks in China.”
Marines protect US diplomatic missions around the world.
Many people in Shanghai have been getting up early in the morning to work with their phones to secure food supplies from oversubscribed delivery apps.
Some experienced shoppers in the city said that the only way to get an order in is for everyone in the family to press “buy” on their phones simultaneously, and even then, some families will have to wait up to four days for delivery.
Shanghai is experiencing food shortages due to the citywide lockdown, which puts pressure on delivery employees in the face of rising Covid-19 cases.

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