The pandemic outbreak in mainland China is resurging, resulting in Shanghai being locked down for two months in spring, which affected rodent control operations. As a result, rat populations and mosquito populations are also expected to increase.

According to a report from The Paper on Sept. 7, due to the pandemic’s impact on rodent control operations in spring, the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control department monitored and found that the density of rodents in the city had increased compared to the same period last year.

In early March, another outbreak began to spread in Shanghai, and the scope gradually expanded, with the number of infected people increasing sharply. As of April 1, Shanghai went into a citywide lockdown, and citizens had to stay at home. Taiwanese news agency CNA reported that the increasing number of rats was one of the calamities arising from Shanghai’s two-month lockdown.

Shanghai officials proposed five measures to eradicate rodents in the fall, including: 

  • Blocking rat holes in green spaces; 
  • Ensuring the rat-prevention net gaps in drains are not larger than 1cm (half-inch);
  • Setting up sticky rat boards, rat traps, and other rodents in rats’ places; 
  • A uniform rat bait system in areas such as sewers, dumpsters, farmers’ markets, and fresh food supermarkets;
  • Placing bamboo mulch to set mouse baits.

According to Sohu, the mosquito density in Shanghai will likely increase.

According to People’s Daily Online, the Shanghai CDC said as abundant rainfall comes, the hot and humid climate creates favorable conditions for mosquitoes to breed. As a result, mosquito populations are expected to explode in batches.

Officials said the key to mosquito control is to shrink mosquito breeding grounds and eliminate stagnant water. In addition, it is necessary to manage the environmental hygiene of families and units, clean the indoor and outdoor environment, eliminate stagnant water, pick up garbage, and clean dark and damp areas.

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