Shanghai is experiencing China’s largest domestic COVID outbreak, with tens of thousands of new cases reported this week. During the city’s coronavirus lockdown, Shanghai residents explore many creative ways to obtain daily necessities, and billionaires appear to be no exception.

A screen image of Kathy Xu Xin, called “China’s venture capital queen,” showed up on WeChat Thursday, April 7, requesting help finding milk and bread for her family.

She was ranked 71 in Forbes’ list of the World’s Best Venture Capital Investors in 2021. She wrote on WeChat, “Can any neighbor introduce me to the bread buying group? My family has a lot of people. We need bread and milk. Thank you.”

Under lockdown, Shanghai residents have formed groups to make joint online shopping orders. However, individually purchasing food on apps is challenging due to high competition and fewer delivery workers. As a result, many have been infected or placed under lockdown in their communities.

On Friday, the city’s Municipal Health and Health Commission recorded 23,624 COVID-19 cases. Authorities are battling to contain the virus and conduct mass testing among the city’s 25 million citizens.

A month ago, China debated how to exit the “zero tolerance” COVID-19 policy that kept the country largely infection-free during the pandemic. However, a rapidly spreading outbreak in the country’s financial center has shown how distant that possibility has become.

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