Under the strict “Zero Covid” policy, Shanghai is going through a supply crisis, and people are facing food shortages.

However, some Residential Committees in the city have been caught seeking profit from food aid from other provinces instead of giving it to the people for free. As a result, the Shanghainese people were furious, and conflicts occurred between them and the local government.

In a case at Jinze town, Shanghai, a man discovered the supermarket selling the donated meat. He immediately exposes it at the scene. Unexpectedly, the police rushed to take him away, making people very angry.

In the video, the man showed a slice of stamped pork for everyone to see as proof of donation goods. But the policemen wearing protective gear rushed over, not allowing him to do so. Still, the old man backed away, refusing to hand over the meat as if to protect the evidence.

Failing to take the pork, they start arresting the man, forcing him into a police car. People are enraged at what is happening. Some were booing, arguing with the police, pushing, and trying to prevent them from arresting the man. An outraged crowd surrounded the police car, not allowing it to leave. One of them was even lying on the hood of the car but was later pulled off.

In a scene, one staff in a hazmat suit pointed at a resident, threatening him to stop filming.

After the video went viral on the internet, some netizens questioned why the police didn’t arrest the donated seller but the one who showed the truth. Another commented that they use their power to cover the truth but also expose their own crime. Maybe they are one of those who sell donated supplies.

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