Newborn babies under one-month-old in Shanghai are being forcibly taken to quarantine cabins, regardless of whether the isolation points have suitable conditions for their physical recovery.

Apollo News, citing a post on an online help platform, reported on April 18 that they were residents of Lane 44, Xiangyang North Road. The Neighborhood Committee transported a mother and her 20-day-old baby from their alley to the refuge for isolation.

Mr. Yan, the baby’s father, told Apollo that the neighborhood committee dragged the family into an awful environment on April 18. And they had to look for help online.

Mr. Yan revealed that on April 3, he, his wife, and the newborn baby had abnormal nucleic acid tests, which was considered an asymptomatic infection. The neighborhood committee isolated his family with a dozen people, and they all tested negative. The committee told him that they had arranged a nice place for them.

Mr. Yan said the neighborhood committee transferred them to a newly completed building on Qiujiang Road in Jing’an District, with an unfinished interior. More than a thousand people were together, and the accommodation was full.

They were dumbfounded and distressed when they arrived at the square cabin on April 18.

Mr. Yan was quite concerned that the newborn child might become infected again as Shanghai is experiencing a new Covid-19 wave. He sent his message via the Internet to enthusiastic friends.

The Neighborhood Committee transferred them to a hotel with better conditions for isolation on April 19 after he called for help online.

Mr. Yan felt that the related agencies were abdicating their responsibilities. He said when he asked the Neighborhood Committee for help, they could not do anything. All of the agencies involved transferred the issue to different departments afterward.

Mr. Yan believed that the Covid-19 wave highlighted the Shanghai government’s epidemic prevention management chaos. He said neighborhood committees isolated many children and 90-year-old people together.

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