A video posted on May 27 shows people, including foreigners, shouting and crying desperately, pleading for release.

They are inside a gate, appealing to some officials outside.

One woman says, “We look out the window like this every day, and we’re dying, you know? We’re going to jump off the building and commit suicide, you know? And before jumping off the building, our body is already dead.”

Another woman says, “Do we have to wait until we are dead for you to open the door?”

The first woman says, [quote] “We have cooperated enough, do you understand?” [end quote]

Several women shouted, “We’ve already reported our problem. You put away those things that stand in your way! We need a reasonable answer. We are humans, not animals.”

Two foreign women also attempt to negotiate.

A woman says, “You can go into our community and see. There is nothing but rubbish in it! We need to breathe. We need the sun. We are human!”

During the whole process, a woman outside nods her head and says, “um, um” or “I know.”

People inside shake the gate furiously, constantly asking to go out.

A staff member outside says that he will report their problems to the sub-district office.

They have a policeman’s details at the end of the video, but it seems useless.

The video uploader writes in the headline that he hopes after returning home; these people will tell the world about China’s human rights. This is not Xinjian, this is Shanghai!

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