Radio Free Asia on October 11 reported that this Monday, October 10, a screenshot of a chat with an insider of the Shanghai authority was circulated on Weibo, talking about the water shortage in Shanghai. 

The insider disclosed that the water sources of the three major reservoirs in Shanghai are depleted, and the drought upstream means the water cannot be replenished. 

The paper said that Shanghai resident Zhu Jinhua said in an interview with Radio Free Asia that she now has to order bottled water because of the water shortage in Shanghai’s reservoirs.

On Tuesday, Weibo netizens wrote that they were terrified and would start hoarding water. 

Another netizen wrote that someone in the group was hoarding water at midnight, and even drinking water is not guaranteed. 

The paper wrote that according to a report by Caixin, due to the intrusion of the salt tide, it is difficult to obtain water from the reservoirs of the two primary water sources in Shanghai.

Bloomberg reported Shanghai city has temporarily stopped receiving water from two important reservoirs due to contamination from seawater and must take emergency measures to guarantee the city’s water supply.

Shanghai’s emergency measures include complementary support from the two rivers and switching to alternate water sources to reduce the raw water consumption of the Yangtze River Estuary Reservoir. 

Li Xingsheng, a Shanghai resident, said in an interview with this station that the Chinese Communist Party would only announce the water shortage situation and worsening water quality in Shanghai as a last resort. 

Currently, Shanghai uses dredgers and sand ships to transfer water from the Yangtze River to neighboring Nantong, Jiangsu, then transport it to Shanghai.

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