On May 2, a Twitter account from Cynthia was uploaded the moment Shanghai pandemic enforcers try to take another resident to the quarantine center. They smashed the person’s house door into pieces in seconds before engaging in a heated argument.

At the beginning of the video, the men in hazmat suits said through the window that the person tested positive for COVID-19 and thus must be isolated in the centralized facility.

The female occupant was reluctant and said that her testing result has not come out yet. They shattered her house door and swarmed the house in less than a minute.

Throughout the two minutes long footage, the people in protective clothing did not present any proof of the person’s test results.

The event occurred in Dapuqiao street of Huangpu District. The resident has been holding out for days because of a lack of solid evidence that she was indeed COVID-positive.

According to Chinese outlet Xin Tang Ren, on April 29, the neighborhood committee told the woman that her health status had turned yellow code. This code usually means that the person has been in close contact with an infected person. Still, they did not provide her with any factual document that she herself had caught the virus.

On the evening of April 29, the woman went to a local hospital to be tested for COVID-19. She was pre-warned that her condition seemed abnormal. However, a second test result was still pending for any concrete conclusion. The woman returned home later that day.

On April 30, the hospital and the neighborhood committee agreed that the woman could go through another test before being taken away. She did so on the morning of May 1. But before any outcome was produced, the officials appeared at her door and demanded that she to leave for isolation.

During the entire process, the woman received no evidence of her health status. The officials only told her that they were acting on special occasions where no proof is legally required.

According to ABC News Australia, the woman’s test came out negative on April 2.

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