News Creaders reported on April 16 that residents in Meilong Town are sharing experience of unsatisfactory meat distribution from the local authorities, which they said were mostly leftovers, pieces of unappetizing cuts, or even spoiled.

Shanghai is the main gateway for Brazilian meat imports to mainland China – Brazil’s top trading partner. With the lockdown and traffic restrictions, the stalled pork import makes the food crisis even worse in this city.

One of the posts managed to circulate on Twitter, which said the portion they received were pork nipples, and lymph meat, with some being rotten.

Weibo netizen nickname “Unlicensed Architect” complained that, 80% of the pork fat distributed by Lianhua Apartment in Meilong Town, Minhang District on April 14 is fat, and the color is not fresh, which makes people doubt it is for a human to eat.

The images also featured chunks of pork fat with a rare sight of meat fiber.

On April 16, multiple Chinese media reported with screenshots that Meilong Town confirmed the existence of the under-quality meat distribution. The town said it has immediately stopped the distribution of the batches of supply and is conducting an investigation. It also apologized for the mismanagement.

The notice said the town has terminated the cooperation with the supplier, Shanghai Zhiyu Industrial company, the relevant companies have been blacklisted, and follow-up matters will be resolved through legal channels.

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