Shanghai authorities have recently installed metal fences outside residential buildings and shops. As a result, residents were banned from leaving those areas. The move came after China continues to pursue its “zero COVID” policy to tame the pandemic.

BBC reported that government workers erected barriers around buildings designated as “sealed areas.”

The Associated Press, citing Chinese media outlet Caixin, reported that workers would put up metal barriers and seal up the buildings’ main entrance if any COVID cases were found in those buildings.

BBC added that residents living inside the “sealed area” are not permitted to set foot outside their home whether they are infected with a virus or not.

One resident, who requested anonymity, told the BBC that his compound had been chained up for three weeks. Furthermore, workers also put up a barrier within the long corridor in his building without warning on April 21.

Subsequently, no one could get out. He said he felt helpless because he was unaware of the lockdown’s end time.

He continued, “If your area gets fenced off, what if a fire breaks out? I don’t think anyone in their right mind can seal people’s homes.”

Reuters quoted a Weibo user who said, “This is so disrespectful of the rights of the people inside, using metal barriers to enclose them like domestic animals.”

Before installing metal fences, China put electronic alarms on doors to prevent Covid-infected people from leaving.

The stringent lockdown lasting for over three weeks has fuelled the residents’ frustration. Many have turned to the internet to vent about the lockdown and express discontent.

On April 24, Shanghai reported 39 Covid deaths and more than 21,000 new infections.

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