In mid-May, Shanghai officials announced the lockdowns would be eased gradually as the city achieved a pandemic control target. As a result, everyday life is now resuming after a long-term lockdown that confined its more than 20 million residents at home. However, when the city started to reopen in phases, the citizens faced many difficulties.

Recently, a woman living in Shanghai went to the police station of Jinze Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, to report a crime. She said she was allegedly kidnapped and her phone and bag were stolen. However, the police there did not proceed to file the case, saying it was the town authority.

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Robbery of a mobile phone, a bag, kidnapping, this is a criminal case, and your public security department doesn’t care? Can the government act illegally? Or break the law? You said that you are now handling it or not? I have filed a case. Please accept it.”

“Go to the town government to handle it.”

After the argument, the woman said that if the police won’t handle the case, they had to issue a document stating that the police would not accept it.

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