Shanghai is phasing down the painful lockdown measures that have lasted more than six weeks. The authority stated that life could return to normal from June 1 to mid-and late June if there is no rebound in cases.

Shang Deputy Mayor Zong Ming said the city would reopen in stages starting from Monday, May 16. But movement curbs would largely remain in place until May 21 to curb an infection rebound before an easing.

But the announcement is facing skepticism from many Shanghai residents. They have been promised a lifting of measures but are let down time after time by delayed schedules.

For example, authorities once said the lockdown only lasted until April 5 when it was first rolled out on March 27. However, almost two months have passed, and the lockdown remains in place. The lockdown comes with many civil problems like food shortages and intrusive epidemic measures.

One netizen said on the Chinese social media Weibo, “Shanghai, Shanghai … am I still supposed to believe you?”

Another Weibo user said, adding a crying emoji, “Please don’t be lying to us this time.”

Shanghai reported fewer than 1,000 new official cases for Sunday, May 15, all inside strict-controlled areas.

However, China’s out-of-line-with-the-world case count systems and its notorious fame for hiding true data spark suspicion about its true Covid infection and death number.

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