Shanghai has adopted severe lockdown measures to deal with the Omicron. A lockdown has kept roughly 26 million residents inside their homes.

According to Chinese Caixin, the demand for medicines from patients has increased. Shanghai has been closed and controlled for days, and the number of sick people continued to spike up, looking for help in buying drugs.

Chinese social network Weibo is flooded with people in Shanghai asking for medical help. The request for help is as follows: The family member was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis in December 2021. After receiving hospital treatment, he is now taking pills at home, but he cannot go out to receive those needed pills because of lockdown.

Another one said that the elderly in the family have been suffering from coronary heart disease atrial fibrillation for many years, and the nearby pharmacies cannot get the medication.

According to Sina, Shanghai health commission chief Wu Jinglei said that for people’s standard and chronic diseases, the community will arrange for volunteers to connect with the local centers to acquire needed drugs.

Local health centers can also apply a long-term prescription policy for people who take long-term medications and dispense them for up to 3 months. However, many people are still in the dilemma of not getting their medicine.

Ideally, the patient would hand over the medication information and medical insurance card to the village committee; they would collect it and go to the hospital for centralized dispensing.

These steps may encounter difficulties and fail to succeed, including quota restrictions for the residents’ committee to take medicines, no local delivery, and no medication in the hospital. It takes too long for dispensing appointments.

The people are anxious about the medicine dispensing and worry that the official will not be urgent for it.

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