On May 5 evening, the gates of Shanghai Dafeng Electronics Factory burst with employees storming out of the plant.

As seen on online footage, employees flocked out in mass and guards could not stop them. Some were running; some even jumped over fences as they tried to exit.

According to the conversation in one of the videos, the facility recently announced that it would be closed again after a brief resumption.

As they broke out, many of them swarmed the supermarket and hoarded supplies. Because of the large group of people, some waited in line outside, with a female person filmed holding a bucket to grab items.

Crashes also occurred. In one video uploaded by Twitter user Long Shao, a woman tries to break the fight between two men. In another instance, a person is grabbed and dragged by his neck by a hazmat suit, with another kicking him multiple times though lightly.

That day, hope for ending the lockdown was shattered as Shanghai reported dozens of new infections from non-quarantined areas. The city has promised that restrictions can only be eased if cases stop emerging outside the quarantine zones.

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