Shanghai, China’s financial hub, is moving closer to a phased reopening after two months of COVID-19 lockdown. In the past few months, it’s zero COVID policy has confined its 25 million residents at home. Complaints and frustration of Shanghai residents constantly emerged on Chinese social media.

On Friday, May 27, an old man living in Shanghai posted a video on the Internet to complain about the city’s lockdown. He said that 70 days of the lockdowns has caused him great physical and mental pain. The old man emphasized that it’s not COVID-19 that makes people suffer, but it’s [quote] some ‘people.’

In the video, the 74-year-old Shanghai old man said he was finally able to walk out of the house after 70 days of being confined at home. He said that his family has been living in Shanghai for four generations. He added that he didn’t expect to encounter such an experience.

Ah! It’s been 70 days!

It’s really physical, mental tortures.

Double pressure, double torture!

Although I didn’t die, I’m still exhausted!

Everyone who feels the same way, let us record all this and tell our next generation that this scene should not be repeated again!

It’s not Delta, it’s not Omicron, it is ‘people’ who makes us suffer! 

Since the start of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many people have gone online to  vent their frustrations towards the city’s strict COVID measures. Many residents are struggling to get basic food and medical supplies.

During the long-term lockdowns, almost everyone must order food online while waiting for government handouts. And ordering food online is not easy at all for many people, especially the seniors.

In late April, Shanghai residents even banged pots and pans en masse  to show their discontent with the city’s lockdown.

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