Shanghai announced itself to reopen in phases, gradually escaping lockdown. Citizens can start going out to buy food, but only under strict control.

Some communities issue the exit-entry pass, under which residents can only go out within a certain period. The neighborhood committee previously issued the entry pass. Each household has one pass, and the number of people who can go out each time is fixed.

In the video, a neighborhood committee member stands on a tricycle, holding a horn, directing a group of residents who are going out shopping.

A medical worker holding a sign leads a line of residents on their buying trip.

Total freedom is still out of reach for Shanghai residents.

Depending on the communities, each time residents go out, besides the entry pass, they need to bring along an ID card, green health code, and negative testing report within 24 hours and take their temperature.

Besides, each outing would last only for 2 to 3 hours. And a district also limits the purchase amount each time.

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