The COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai has recently accelerated, with dozens of local positive cases being found daily. High-risk zones have reached 211 locations in 14 counties. On July 11, two neighborhood groups suggested that residents “save food and essentials for around 14 days,” generating widespread concern.

According to Xiao Xiao Morning News, this epidemic phase is mainly associated with entertainment or karaoke places on Shanghai’s Lanxi Road.

According to a video released on Twitter by @naochashu, several Shanghai pubs and discos have been shuttered, and all pertinent inhabitants have been placed in centralized isolation.

In response to the disease’s recurrence, the cabins used for isolation at Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai have begun refurbishing and are ready for use, according to this video tweeted by @tw tomy_.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission’s official website, six new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases and 63 asymptomatic cases were reported in Shanghai on July 10. Five more cases and 54 new asymptomatic cases were verified locally. There were five additional locally confirmed cases and 50 asymptomatic infections on July 12. All were discovered during isolation and control. As a result, a total of 183 new local positive cases were recorded in Shanghai over the past three days.

Hundreds of places in Shanghai have been labeled high-risk zones

Furthermore, two Shanghai community committees released a warning for people to stock up on food and medication for around 14 days, prompting locals to fear for their lives.

According to the China Youth Network, many districts in Shanghai will resume “three-day, two-times” PCR testing for all residents from July 12. Neighborhood committees in Hongkou and Putuo districts proposed “initiatives” such as “stay at home if possible” and “stock up on food and medicine,” which frightened Shanghai residents.

The Guangling Neighborhood Committee in Shanghai’s Hongkou Hongkou District issued the following warning notice: “Currently, with the spread of the epidemic in Shanghai, the Neighborhood Committee recommends to all residents: protect yourself and your family, avoid causing trouble to the building and the community.”

  • “Do not go out unless absolutely essential; when you do go out, try to buy in the shortest time possible in indoor or closed areas, avoid busy places such as vegetable markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., and leave soon.
  • Leave Shanghai only when absolutely essential, such as when returning to your hometown, visiting family, or going to work, and attempt to drive yourself if feasible.
  • Should limit going to restaurants and clubs, among other things. You should continue to wear your mask and avoid busy locations and entertainment venues.
  • It is advised that screening or PCR tests be performed at the sample locations within 72 hours.
  • People over the age of 18, particularly those over the age of 60, should have the Omicron vaccination as soon as feasible.
  • You may prepare by storing food and medication for around 14 days.”

According to Visiontimes, several Weibo users said,

  • “Haha, does this mean it’s restricted again? After denying the shutdown rumors, the following is this news. I can’t believe it!;
  • If the government shuts the city for two more months, the people will definitely go insane;
  • The entire country is quivering with terror, and I can’t bear the thought of continuing to struggle throughout the second half of the year;
  • “After April 5, Shanghai residents don’t read the notification about debunking rumors. They just read the notice of the neighborhood committee;
  • No one has ventured to empty the fridge recently without even noticing;
  • Isn’t the leader earning enough?”

The neighborhood committees, on the other hand, reacted immediately.

According to the staff of Shanghai’s Hongkou District’s Guangling Neighborhood Committee, the initiative’s primary goal is to urge locals to prepare.

Because the building is temporarily closed owing to a close encounter with COVID-19, the neighborhood committee only wants to inform homeowners that they can prepare extra goods at home. However, when there is an emergency and individuals don’t have time to buy stuff, it will cause problems in their lives, so they believe this is a nice reminder for everyone.

According to a report by China Digital Times, Shanghai residents were worried after hearing that two neighborhood committees in Shanghai “recommend residents to stock up on supplies for 14 days.” Does this imply that a fresh blockade will be launched? Many individuals who have lived in Shanghai and experienced the city’s siege fully realize that the liberation of Shanghai is just for foreigners to watch, and Shanghai residents need to see the news from the neighborhood committee. The local neighborhood committee has more authority than the news published in Shanghai. Shanghai residents believe that a fresh blockade of the city is on the way.

There is information on the Internet that Shanghai has deliberately underreported epidemic statistics and that any inquiry may result in the data being “banned.”

There is an online discussion in one video that reads, “Yesterday, our department director visited the head of Xuhui district. He stated that there were over 100 positive cases. Hundreds of instances have been reported in Xuhui and Putuo districts, respectively. There is no detailed report because the university entrance exam is taking place.”

As of 9 a.m. on July 13, Shanghai has 15 high-risk regions involving eight counties and 196 medium-risk areas, including 14 counties, according to Xuancheng News.

Most flights at Pudong and Hongqiao international airports canceled

Eastday quoted Chinese media sources reporting that, as of 9:30 a.m. on July 13, Shanghai Pudong Airport had canceled 804 flights, with a 72.0 percent cancellation rate; Shanghai Hongqiao Airport had canceled 480 flights, with a 63.7 percent cancellation rate. This is the regime’s response to the claim that “Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao Airports would cancel all flights on July 13.”

Sound Of Hope reports some sarcastic netizens as saying:

“We’re not scrapping everything; only 72% of it. We are not closing the metropolis for seven days; we are closing it for forty-nine days. Deception is used to cover up rumors. “

“Everyone has arrived at the airport. I just had one question: why did you cancel? Because Shanghai is about to close? Should I cancel my return flight right away?”

Some internet users questioned the regime’s overzealous disease prevention measures:

“Why are most flights canceled? Do policymakers understand what this means? How many individuals are likely to be affected? A city with tens of millions of people is worried about a few minority cases? So, what is the purpose of a PCR test? What are you scared of? Concerned about inaccurate PCR test results?”

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