After 3 weeks Shanghai lifted the Covid lockdown, the Shanghai Municipal Trade Commission issued a “Reminder on the further strengthening of epidemic prevention and control by city residents” on June 20. It aimed to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control in areas such as catering, beauty salons and housekeeping, with high requirements.

Due to the long and tight lockdown, the Shanghai catering business has been significantly impacted. As reported by Sixth Tone on June 24, restaurant owners desperately want indoor services to be allowed. Most eateries cannot offer dine-in services while take-aways are allowed.

Sixth Tone added that, since June 12, the Jinshan, Fengxian and Chongming districts have been authorized to offer dine-in services on a trial basis and with heavy restrictions: limited number of customers, physical distance, separate tables, to name a few. 

Restaurant owners are so desperate that, in the meantime, some are offering clandestine services.

As a result, local eateries have quietly started serving customers again.

Restaurant owners must think of ways to deal with the Shanghai government constantly.

One photo shared on the Internet shows guests sitting around a table in a restaurant in Shanghai. They have turned on cell phone lights to light up the dining table.

Another photo shows the guests eating at a restaurant under dim light. They were scared of two policemen patrolling outside the window because the diners were “violating the Anti-epidemic Law.”

Some restaurants even ask diners to fill out a job application form to pretend they are employees and then submit a resignation before they leave to avoid prosecution.

An online chat shows that one boss is hiring 500 employees with the ultimate goal of circumventing the law.

A Shanghai resident surnamed Yang told Kangzhongguo that this kind of situation in Shanghai makes people feel sad. Many restaurants have closed down because they can’t survive, with all the losses it entails.

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