COVID outbreak is resurging in Shanghai. 81 schools have been impacted by the probe into “close contact” and “sub-close contact.” Many of these schools have closed the physical education classes. The Halloween Parade at Shanghai Disneyland and certain live events have also been canceled. 

On Saturday, October 8, Shanghai confirmed 21 new COVID cases, including confirmed and cases without symptoms.

Officials claim that most cases are “spillovers” from other parts of the country. 

China has a history of hiding real data, including in the COVID pandemic. That’s why the outside world doesn’t know how bad the epidemic is in Shanghai right now. 

On Thursday, October 6, Shanghai officials told each district to check the nucleic acid test for all employees. On Saturday, October 8, many places in financial district Pudong were closed again.

 As the pandemic resurged in Shanghai, many people here were labeled as close contacts or sub-close contacts. Their application code turned from green to red.

Few days ago, the premier theme park  Shanghai Disney Resort announced it would close for a short time. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will close on April 20, 2022, and Shanghai Disneyland Resort has been running at a lower capacity since last week. Shanghai, China’s financial capital, also banned activities inside.

A few days ago, the Shanghai Disney Resort website said that they need to cooperate with the latest COVID measure, so the Donald Duck Halloween Parade, some attractions and live entertainment events will be canceled. Mickey’s fairy tale train, a daytime float parade, will be downgraded to a shorter version.

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