According to different construction workers’ testimony, the situation of migrant workers in Shanghai under the strict measures implemented in the last month to fight the COVID surge is desperate.

According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan, Mr. Cai, a migrant worker from Shanghai 11th Bureau of China Construction, said on April 9 that the epidemic broke out at the beginning of March.

The construction site where he was working—near Yilian Fashion Trading Co., Ltd.— was closed on March 18, and no further construction was allowed.

More than 1,000 migrant workers were segregated at the construction site and slept in isolation, resulting in over 800 individuals being infected. There was no way for isolated workers to seek help for living provisions.

Cross-infection occurred due to the massive number of individuals in poor isolation conditions. They were lying on the ground, sleeping in a big room. Over 100 migrant workers are being diagnosed and ignored, and they also face food shortages.

Mr. Cai said that as of March 20, some workers tested positive after a nucleic acid test. He said that the number of infected people increased day by day after that. Those who had symptoms were pulled away, and those who were asymptomatic stayed there.

Mr. Cai added that as of April 9, more than 800 people on the construction site had been diagnosed as positive. The first batch of more than 700 people was taken away, and there were still two or three hundred people left there. There were asymptomatic and symptomatic people. On the morning of April 8, someone from the company asked him to go to the second floor, and he had symptoms of a cough, fever, and headache.

Mr. Cai said that he didn’t know how to spend the following days. He hoped the media could help them, let the authorities see the current situation of migrant workers in Shanghai, and offer treatment to them.

On April 4, 20 migrant workers were trapped at the isolation point of Yangtai Dahua Park on Zhentai Road at a construction site in Baoshan District, Shanghai, with no way to seek help.

Mr. Xu, a Shanghai migrant worker, told Da Ji Yuan that they were on a construction site. There were 20 migrant workers there, all of whom had tested positive. There was no medical staff nearby.

According to Ms. Zhao, a migrant worker at the same construction site, those who were infected were together with the rest, they were not isolated. She feared people could die.

NetEase also covered the story of a migrant worker crane master on April 4. He was stranded outside a Shanghai construction site with no food for 2 days. In the end, another kind-hearted worker aided him.

Shanghai residents stranded at home due to the local government’s extreme lockdown are also in desperate difficulty. Many people are locked in their houses and cannot seek medical help. Many people are also worried that their food hoarding has reached a bottom and that they may starve to death at home.

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