On April 25, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported 51 new Covid deaths, bringing the total number to 138. This is an increase of 39 from the previous day. There are 196 critical cases in designated medical institutions and 23 in serious condition.

Despite weeks of lockdowns, roughly 5% of new cases are from outside quarantine centers and closed buildings.

Channel News Asia said that Shanghai authorities constructed green mesh barriers outside residential structures, sealing off neighborhoods where Covid cases had been found. This action ignited further public outrage over a lockdown.

The residents’ complaints and questions about white suits workers sealing doors and blocking streets with 6ft tall green fencing went viral on social media.

A Weibo blogger said, “This is so disrespectful of the rights of the people inside, using metal barriers to enclose them like domestic animals.”

According to a Youtube video, the footage shows people tearing down fences. Some residents could be heard shouting at workers attempting to erect the barriers.

COVID infections have begun spreading in Beijing, with 14 cases reported as of April 25.

According to Straitstimes News, a local government briefing reported that Chaoyang district in Beijing has also labeled 14 minor communities as “sealed” and another 14 as “controlled” regions, each with varying levels of restricted movement. People who live or work in the area will all be tested on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with long queues already seen around many complexes as people anxiously wait to be tested.

The simultaneous breakouts in two of China’s most important cities are becoming an unprecedented challenge for President Xi Jinping, who is expected to seek re-election for a third five-year term at the Communist Party meeting later this year.

China has defended its Covid Zero policy by lockdowns and mass testing. Despite lowering the country’s growth prospects and threatening to disrupt global supply networks, it claims that the approach saves lives and keeps the economy operating.

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