The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission claimed that eight districts and some streets and towns in Pudong had been cleared of social interactions between people on May 11. However, the public questioned why Shanghai’s control measures have increased, although the official number of Covid infections has dramatically decreased.

According to Apollo News, netizens questioned the need for stricter control measures after the number of infected people officially reported in Shanghai fell and the number of cleared areas increased.

Just one day before Shanghai declared eight zones clear, China Times reported that Shanghai authorities suddenly suspended the last two subway lines of the Shanghai metro on May 10. It was the first time for Shanghai Metro to shut down since its completion.

In addition, Apollo News reported that almost the entire city of Shanghai, including the cleared districts, re-entered a “silent period.” Residents were prohibited from going out, and group purchases were called off.

On the same day, Shanghai Secretary Li Qiang presided over a mobilization meeting. His speech reflected concerns over Shanghai’s current epidemic situation. According to Li Qiang, it was necessary to issue military orders at all levels and take more resolute and forceful actions to participate in this challenge.

Moreover, Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan reported that Shanghai implemented a “5+5” isolation mechanism. If one person gets infected, neighbors living on the same floor have to go into isolation for five days at the shelter. Then, they have another five days of home isolation, and the whole building will be quarantined.

According to Sun Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Chinese government classifies people living with infected people as being in close contact. In addition, residents on the same floor and the upper and lower floors are second-close contacts.

According to Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan, authorities in the Baoshan district issued a “5.7 Baoshan Epidemic Prevention Policy Change Reminder” to residents with the same control measures.

The dialog between a resident who resisted going to the isolation and the policeman confirmed the 5+5 upgraded isolation policy.

The policeman refused to show policy documents as the resident requested. He said that recently the authorities applied article 50, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Public Security Law Penalty Regulations. All refusals to the government would be punished by law and order as refusals to implement directives and decisions under a state of emergency.

The policeman also warned the resident to obey the law or they would use force transfer.

In addition to Baoshan, Hongkou District also upgraded prevention management.
According to Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan, Hongkou authorities issued a “Notice to Hongkou Residents” which would be effective from May 8 to 15.
As Apollo News reports, openness and transparency are essential.

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