Shanghai, a city of 26 million citizens, is still under effective lockdown. However, the official media has claimed that Shanghai will restart business and services in phases on Monday, May 16.

Displeased Shanghainese are flocking to China’s “National Anti-Fraud Center” social media account to report such fraud. Their messages were quickly censored and deleted.

On Tuesday, May 17, a large number of Shanghai citizens poured into the WeChat account of the “National Anti-Fraud Center.” They wanted to report the fraud at the official WeChat account of the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office called “Released in Shanghai.”

Shanghai netizens said that they could not walk out of their community yet, despite “Released in Shanghai” publishing new order of “restarting business and services in phases.”

Many netizens mocked whether the so-called “National Anti-Fraud Center” could manage Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office. Some netizens replied that it does not dare to do so.

This topic has become so hot to the point that some netizens left a message saying that they came to read the bunch of comments.

However, at present, there are no answers left in the comment section of the “National Anti-Fraud Center” account. Netizens question whether they have been censored and removed.

Authorities announced that the city would gradually resume business and markets in phases starting Monday, May 16. The city would strive to return to normal in June. But Shanghai netizens ridiculed that this is just Shanghai’s official propaganda. It was for foreigners to see.

Shanghai netizens have also posted videos of the opposite reality. In a video posted by Twitter user iPaul, some workers set up more iron plates to form a wall. The wall allegedly separates different Covid prevention areas in Shanghai. The cameraman approached the workers, asking who ordered them to do this. But what he got in response was only a request to go home.

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