Recently, a video of a Shanghai citizen using mainland law to talk to the police and epidemic prevention staff was widely circulated on the Internet.

The video shows residents downstairs in a residential area gathered to protest against the officials about the hard quarantine on May 9.

The man in red made some points. First, he spoke on behalf of people to exercise their private rights. He said that, according to Article 3 of China’s Constitution, the authorities were exercising public power. He constantly asked the personnel if they were “public power” and questioned which law article allowed [the authorities] to exercise it.

Secondly, he asked whether the personnel had read the epidemic and fire prevention laws. He said that the fire protection law clearly stipulated that no matter any unit, any individual, or any organization. There was no right to block the fire escape.

The man continued to state his third point. He informed public security that wearing uniforms to enforce the law could be illegal if they went beyond the scope of the law.

Lastly, the man said that he had not heard from any legal organizations about the extra quarantined period, the list of tested positive communities or districts, or that hard isolation should be adopted. He said that there was a legal basis for doing things, not for the authorities to do whatever they wanted. He added that these police and epidemic prevention staff needed to come up with a written document of public notice regarding the hard quarantine order.

Another woman’s voice can be heard in the video. She said that members of the community had called the police department multiple times, asking if any officers had been dispatched. She continued to report on the old man who died and stayed at the building for one night. She went on to question if anyone was taking care of him.

The police finally left.

The incident of Shanghai citizens having to popularize the law to the police and epidemic prevention staff sparked anger among Internet users.

The video owner said that the teaching from the man was very lively.

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