A video posted on social media platforms on June 10 shows Shanghai citizens gathering at the gate of the district authority to protest. 

They chant, “District Chief! Come out!.”

During the two-month strict lockdown, many humanitarian disasters occurred in Shanghai. They subsequently led to the build-up of public outrage and an outbreak of mass protests.

After the authorities lifted the closure, city residents discovered more evidence that they had been deceived. More and more citizens awakened and began expressing their thoughts.

The current protest is one among many collective demonstrations in Shanghai. However, the specific reasons and demands of the protest are unknown.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several days after Shanghai’s unblocking on June 1, new infections were detected in some parts of the city.

On June 9, the local authorities announced that at least seven administrative regions and about 14 million residents would undergo large-scale nucleic acid testing from June 11. 

All residents would be subject to closed management until the sampling work is completed. Authorities did not detail how long the sampling period would last.

Many Shanghai residents feel that the new round of large-scale nucleic acid testing is an ominous omen, fearing that it may be a prelude to the resumption of strict lockdowns.

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