Because Shanghai residents were locked down for a long time, they couldn’t go out. To that end, sick children are not allowed to go to the hospital or go to school. After all, residents protested to demand the blockade be lifted. But the police here didn’t do so. Therefore, the residents had a heated argument with the police.

A YouTube video released on May 27 shows people condemning police officers.

According to the video title, the scene was filmed in Shanghai.

The video shows a number of people gathered on the side of the road while several people approached two police officers to complain. 

The male resident in a dark blue T-shirt pointed at the police officers and started to vent his anger. 

An elderly standing next to the man said that the police don’t care about this matter. He added that if the police don’t let them out, what they have to do is to find their superiors.

The male resident emphasized that these policemen are now standing here dealing with residents, so one day they will also be handled by the Communist Party.

He went on to say that their salary is all paid by citizens’ taxes, so they now have to take responsibility. He asked the policemen to solve the problem or to get yelled at.

Our channel is unable to verify the authenticity or the location of the incident.

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