Residents in Pudong and Baoshan, which have been closed for over a month, can only purchase food until May 6. From May 7 to May 10, people cannot leave their homes. Couriers, takeaway, and group purchase orders are suspended.

The story quickly went viral on WeChat – a popular social network platform in China – many netizens mocked and cursed the authorities.

One Netizen praised Shanghai officials for being efficient and always on the cutting edge of shattering people’s minds.

A netizen who lives on Huamu road, Pudong, posted on Weibo that after announcing to postpone the notice, the authorities discreetly blocked the road at night.

Shanghai also promotes the layout of nucleic acid sampling sites across the city.

These sampling points are placed in areas such as residential communities, office spaces, enterprise parks, subway stations, and transportation stops.

Although Shanghai authorities say the lockdown has been lifted in some areas, multiple sources of information tell the opposite.

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