Despite the “unlock” order issued, many communities in Shanghai are still under lockdown. Residents have expressed discontent. Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren posted a video on June 9 depicting a typical case of resistance. Officials arrested two men who protested. Onlookers chanted “freedom, equality, democracy, and the rule of law.”

Xin Tang Ren released a video that widely circulated on Twitter on June 6. The video shows some citizens protesting inside the isolation fence of Lane 339, Changle Road.

A man was holding a loudspeaker and playing a recording, explaining he was helping his community and spreading information. He witnessed how unknown official forces threatened his community. On the morning of June 4, these employees set up an illegal fence. That night, unidentified groups entered his community dressed in white, without revealing their faces or identities. 

At that time, some protesters shouted for help from passersby outside the fence.

He said: “Monitoring can be broken, people’s hearts can’t be broken, and eyes can’t be broken. Today’s us are tomorrow’s you!”

Many residents stopped to watch outside the fence. Some responded to the protesters and shouted their support. Many onlookers took photos and prepared to speak out in defense of the protesters.

However, staff in white protective hazmat suits (called Dabai) quickly drove away from the crowd and did not allow filming.

People resisted and asked these Dabai to present identification documents. People said Dabai are not allowed to ban them from filming.

A Twitter account @ttingxiao said that the Dabai in the video above are all undocumented.

Some residents reacted: “You know, you are exercising public power? We are taking pictures here, and it is our privacy. Why can’t we take pictures?!”

Local officials were quickly on the scene to negotiate with the protesters. Officials also arrested a young man wearing a black shirt.

Supporters gathered outside the fence shouted: “Why do you arrest people? What power do you have to arrest people?!” 

When the man was forced to step into the police car, several citizens shouted: “Freedom, equality, democracy, the rule of law!”

A second man then raised his middle finger to protest the officials’ actions. Immediately a Dabai asked: “Who showed the middle finger?”

As a result, he was arrested along with the first man.

During this process, an elderly man tried to stop the other from confronting the police. But some people at the scene said, “If he doesn’t stand up, there’s no hope! Do you know the prison can hold 10,000 people but not a million people?”

Later, local netizens reported that the two had been arrested, and they had lost contact with them.

After the incident, lane 339 on Changle Road and some surrounding neighborhoods were more severely closed.

On June 8, Chinese artist Hua Yong retweeted this video and left a comment.

Hua Yong said, “Two residents have been taken away, and two activists recorded at the scene have lost contact. It is known that the black-clothed youth has been detained for ten days. The street leader did not honor his promise yesterday into a more severe lockdown.”

“Shanghai is still in a state of closure. Seeing young people in Shanghai stand up and resist fearlessly gives us hope!”

The protest of the Shanghai people does not stop at the above incident. Many other videos have recorded their anger.

A resident is kicking with his foot to break the barrier.

And in a similar case, people broke the corrugated board across the road.

There was also a video showing some residents shouting angrily and shaking the locked iron gate.

As the Chinese-language newspaper Apollo News said, communities have been repeatedly closed and controlled under the CCP’s extreme anti-epidemic policies. Residents can lose their freedom at any time. Social conflict is on the rise, and public discontent is boiling over.

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