According to NTD, the Shanghai government declared a full lockdown lifting from June 1 and released 50 measures to revive the economy. In addition, authorities also announced the cancellation of the permit review system for businesses that want to return to production. However, in reality, things do not work like that, businesses in Shanghai are still under tight control.

Zhang, a manager of a private business in Shanghai, told NTD that the authorities had spoken privately with her company. The information is not officially published.

She said officials stated that only less than 50% of businesses were allowed to resume operations. After June 15, if the epidemic was fully controlled, they would continue to consider scaling up.

Zhang added that the condition for businesses to return to normal operation is that their employees must be vaccinated with three doses. But if one worker tests positive, and there are many close contacts with this case, their production facilities will be blocked.

In addition, people in Shanghai and other cities are being forced to take Covid tests to be eligible to access public places. Negative test results for each person are only valid for 72 hours.

This requirement causes a lot of difficulties for people. According to the Chinese media outlet Xinmin Evening News, people had to line up in long lines for nucleic acid testing at several places.

According to Chinese media, Sohu, one netizen living in Yangpu District, reported that her nucleic acid test results had not been released after 15 hours of waiting.

Zhang believes that Covid-19 is an infectious disease that cannot be eliminated, so it is impossible to use the lockdown approach to fight against the disease.

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