On October 9, the COVID pandemic in Shanghai became hot again after Chinese National Day on October 1. According to the Chinese Communist Party’s “People’s Daily,” from midnight on October 8, during isolation and control, two new symptomatic cases and 19 asymptomatic cases were found in Shanghai.

Currently, the pandemic has occurred in 10 districts in Shanghai. Many streets have been closed, and many field hospitals have reopened. A new crisis has started, and people face isolation at field hospitals in extremely harsh conditions.

The Shanghai authority announced that the city would assign a red code to five types of people:

  • Those who have a positive result through the initial screening and those who have positive result through the mixed nucleic acid testing;
  • Symptomatic and asymptomatic cases and suspected cases of COVID-19;
  • Those in close contact with the patient;
  • Those returning from abroad, being under concentrated medical monitoring, or being isolated at home;
  • People from outside the city have a travel schedule passing through or living in a high-risk area.

A video posted by locals showed barricades being erected on many streets in Shanghai. The streets were deserted and were about to be closed and controlled.

Due to the outbreak in Jing’an District, Shanghai, many streets and shopping centers were closed.

Shangnan Road and Chengshan Road in the new district of Pudong of Shanghai have been surrounded by barricades.

A video posted by netizens shows that Xuhui District, Shanghai, started building a field hospital many days ago.

In addition, Jiangwan Sports Center in Shanghai Yangpu district has built a large-scale field hospital.

A resident of Yangpu district, who was taken to an isolation center, revealed the harsh isolation conditions there: “Everybody cooperated to go to concentrated isolation. Before the bus departed, the epidemic prevention staff repeatedly confirmed that we will go to a ‘hotel’ for isolation, but then found out that it was a ‘container’. Some people may ask: ‘What is a container?’ It’s a room that uses planks to make beds, has a smelly toilet, and no shower head. The conditions were so bad, and we had to stay there for seven days. When we got there, we refused to get off, the driver immediately said, ‘Then you stay in the car for 7 days. Then he closed the car’s main door and windows.'”

Another netizen shared a photo of the field hospital.

There are places where sanitation is deplorable.

According to Newtalk, many schools in the Minhang district, Shanghai, have temporarily closed since many students and teachers have been in close contact with a COVID case. Those in close contact with a patient must be isolated, while indirect contacts must isolate at home for seven days. The incident involves 81 schools.

In addition, Shanghai Disney Park announced on October 8 that, since October 9, Donald Duck’s Halloween Parade and some attractions and live entertainment shows would be suspended. Still, the park will remain open to tourists.

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